SatHero Overview

Introducing the Sathero….the digital satellite meter that does it all…at an AFFORDABLE price!


Satellite ID ~ DVB-S2 ~ Turbo 8psk (Dish HD) ~ DirecTV ~ Scannable Transponders ~ SNR ~ BER ~ And More!

Finally….a satellite finder that does almost everything you can imagine, at an affordable price… and FridgeFTA are proud to introduce the Sathero DVB-S2 satellite finder to North America!

This meter positively LOCKS it all. From DVB-S FTA to DVB-S2 such as PBS Montana, OETA, UWTV and Reelz HD, this meter positively locks it and gives you professional level information on the signal.

PBS Montana

The Sathero also features Satellite ID for select satellites and transponders. The real nice feature of the Sathero is the ability to scan many transponders and get a full channel map…..positively identifying many satellites without a doubt!


Bundle this exciting new satellite finder with our exclusive ground up NORTH AMERICAN satellite data and files, and you have a meter that does virtually everything at a price anyone can afford!

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